These illustrations provide examples from a project for a poetry book, entitled, "Confluence" by Peter Jensen, Eric Muller and David Johnson


Pen and Ink was used for the"Confluence" illustrations.Turtle, Heron and Dragonfly represented each of the poets.
Pen, ink and lithograph pencil illustrations for "Living Among Headstones", by Shannon Applegate.
The drawings for this book are all done from the existing headstones in the Applegate Pioneer Cemetery in Yoncalla, Oregon. This is the headstone for my Great Great Grandparents, Charles and Melinda Applegate
Many of the headstones have carefully carved and engraved imagery such as this basket of flowers.
The average size of the illustrations approximates  6" x 8"
Included in the illustrations are some of the plants found in this charming old pioneer cemetery.
These are examples of illustrations for a curriculum project on "Indians of Oregon", written and compiled by Kalapuyan elder, Esther Stutzman.
Seasonal dwellings used by the Kalapuyans. The Kalapuya people occupied the Willamette Valley from Tualitin near Portland south to Yoncalla in northern Douglas County.
Kalapuyan hunters slipping through the Willamette River in a canoe. All of the illustrations for this project were done in pen and ink.
Colored pencils on bristol were used to produce the book cover for Eugene writer, Brenda Shaw's book,
"The Dark Well".
The second book by Brenda Shaw, "Eliza and Mentora", was also done in colored pencils.
This 36" x 24" oil painting entitled, "The Last Apple in Winter" became the cover for Shannon Applegate's famous book, "SKOOKUM: An Oregon Pioneer Family's History and lore".
"Timber" is a poem, published by Eric Muller's TrapRock Books Publishing. It was written by poet, Robert Davies. The artwork is acrylic on primed mattboard.
Kalapuyan women using digging sticks fashioned out of antler and fire hardened yew sticks, to harvest camas bulbs, (Camasia quamash) that flourished in the broad swales and meadows. Pen and Ink, scanned and digitally colored

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