"Down the Drain" mural
Drain, Oregon
depicting the historic covered wagon by City Hall, the 
landmark covered bridge and the 
historic Charles Drain house.
Completed in 2006

Latex paint on primed concrete block
"Paint the Town" mural
Roseburg, Oregon
Historic features of Roseburg
Latex acrylic on board 1997
(portion on view here)
"Applegate Trail Through Douglas County"   Roseburg, OR. 1998
Mural depicts some of events that happened as the Applegate Trail was first blazed in 1846
(portion viewed here)
"Junior Naturalist" Douglas County Museum of History and Natural History,
Roseburg, OR.  Diorama for exhibit of David Douglas in the Umpqua as an educational source for children. 2007
(Portion of the entire mural/diorama viewed here)
Juvenile Justice Center
Eugene, OR. 2000
Mural depicting helping hands for children.
latex on board and mounted on wall
Emerald People's Utility District
Eugene, OR.

Depicting the historic work to establish this public utility.
1988 triptych   oil/canvas
"Westside Old Growth Forest"
Museum of History and Natural History, Roseburg, OR.
Painted in 1987
Depiciting the typical wet old growth forests of the Umpqua. Diorama. (portion viewed here).
latex on wall
Myrtle Creek Mural
Painted on the side of City Hall, downtown Myrtle Creek
Latex on primed concrete block
Depicting Myrtle Creek's historic covered bridge, the sweeping 
bridge spanning the South Umpqua River, the school, golf course 
annual rodeo, and the iconic myrtle tree.
Completed in 2013 and assisted by Andrew Duclos


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