The Applegate Trail Mural was painted in 2002 on the west facing side of Clemons Boots Company 439 SE Main St. Roseburg, Oregon.  It is 110 feet long and 11 feet high.  Over the years it's color has faded in the sunlight, dimming the once vibrant hues.  It depicted incidents that happened along the Applegate Trail through Douglas County as emigrants traveled into Oregon Territory from Fort Hall shown in the upper section. This photo shows only a small section of the entire mural.

The Emerald People's Utility District's percent for art project led to the painting of this triptych of (3) panels each 24" x 36", oil on canvas, which tells the story of the community's organizing for public rural electrical power and eventual establishment of EPUD.  It hangs on the boardroom wall of their building at 33733 Seavey Loop Rd, Eugene, Oregon. 
This small section of a much larger diorama mural for the Douglas County Museum of History and Natural History in Roseburg, Oregon, depicts the Umpqua area that David Douglas traversed when he made his famous discovery of the Sugar Pine, Pinus lamertiana Douglasii.  It was painted for the Junior Explorer — David Douglas Exhibit in the Museum, 2007.  
Located on the stairway of the Lane County Juvenile Justice Center at 2727 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, in Eugene Oregon, this large mural painted on plywood and anchored to the wall, shows people helping children and youth ascend to the top of the rocky mountain. This was a percent for art project. 
This 22' x 11' mural on the wall of the kindergarten room of the Elkton Charter Elementary School, features a stream running through an old growth western Oregon Forest with trees and plants that can be found nearby the school. 2017
Facing the west side of the building that houses the post office in Drain, Oregon, this mural was commissioned by the owners at the time, who wished to memorialize some of the prominent features of the city of Drain. Latex paint on the concrete block building wall done in 2006.
This photo shows just a small portion of a mural that shows the evolution of the city of Roseburg. It was commissioned by a private company, painted on panels and is now hanging for display at ColorCraft in Roseburg, Oregon at 2646 NE Diamond Lake Blvd.
Douglas County Museum of History and Natural History in Roseburg, Oregon, this diorama mural is the background for the display of a Roosevelt bull elk and mountain beaver. 
This mural on the wall of City Hall in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, highlights some of the features of the town and the area that give it distinction.  The mural was painted in latex on concrete block and completed in 2015.
The Whilamut Transportation Crossover mural, finished in 2013 is the largest anamorphic distortion mural in the nation by the research I have done.  At least it is one of the largest.  I drew the image and graphic designer, Niki Harris, configured it to be anamorphically distorted so that when laser carved into the 30 degree slanted concrete footing of the Whilamoot Bridge (spanning the Willamette River which carries the I-5 traffic) it would appear as though it were standing more or less perpendicular to the canoe canal that borders its base and the jogging path on the other side.  The mural can only be seen from the canoe canal and jogging path. 

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